Prof. Clara Momanyi

claraProf. Clara Momanyi is a professor of Kiswahili in the Department of Kiswahili, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Kiswahili and History from the University of Nairobi, a Master of Arts degree from Kenyatta University and a PhD in Kiswahili literary studies from the same University.

Prof. Momanyi teaches undergraduate students who are enrolled in Bachelor of Education degree courses and specifically those pursuing Kiswahili as a teaching subject.  She also supervises Kiswahili postgraduate students who are enrolled for Masters and PhD degrees in Catholic University and elsewhere.

Prof. Momanyi has served in national boards as director and has translated both national and international documents and policies into Kiswahili. She has also served as a committee member of several Kiswahili national and international associations and presently she is the Secretary General of the National Kiswahili Association, CHAKITA-Kenya. She has previously served on the editorial board of RUWAZA AFRIKA, Journal of Contemporary Discourse in Language, Literature, Culture and the Arts, also a Journal of Egerton University, and has edited CHEMCHEMI, Journal of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kenyatta University. She has also peer-reviewed articles for other publications in both English and Kiswahili.

Prof. Momanyi has published widely in the area of Kiswahili and literature with several papers published in both national and international journals. She has authored and co-authored several books and articles in the area of Kiswahili and edited teaching materials for secondary schools. Some of her works can be found in the following publication links:

Momanyi, c. (2009). Effects of Sheng in the Teaching of Kiswahili in Kenyan Schools. Journal of Panafrican Studies (JPAS).Vol.2 No. 8.

Momanyi, C. (2002). Patriarchal Symbolic Order: The Syllables of Power as Accentuated in Waswahili Poetry. Journal of Panafrican Studies (JPAS). Vol. 1 No.8

Her other published works are available from, http:/ , ,


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