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KarinDr. Karin Paasche is a Fulbright Scholar who received her Doctor of Education degree from Teachers’ College, Columbia University in New York City. She received her Master of Arts Degree from the University of South Africa. Born and brought up in southern Africa Dr. Paasche taught in schools throughout South Africa. She taught in Soweto during the height of the “children’s war” and was subsequently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Fort Hare, the Alma Mater of Pres. Nelson Mandela and of Bishop Tutu. She has taught in universities in the United States, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and Germany and is now a Senior Lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Dr. Paasche has been responsible for in-service training of teachers worldwide; has taught widely especially in the area of Literature. At the Technical University of Dortmund she developed an African Literature program and was responsible for supervising both BA and MA literature students. Her book: An Analysis of South Africa’s Education Policy Documents: Self-Definition and Definition of the “Other”(ISBN: 0-7734-5616-3/ 978-0-7734-5616-7) is available from the Edward Mellen Press (http://mellenpress.com/mellenpress.cfm?aid=6121&pc=10) and at amazon.com. Dr. Paasche has further contributed several articles on education in various African countries (Djibouti; Lesotho; Mozambique; Namibia; Swaziland) to Gale’s World Education Encyclopedia – also available at Amazon.com or directly from Gale Education.She has worked extensively on various subjects in African Film Literature. One of her recent papers – “Genesis, a Paradigm for Peace in Africa?” – explores various African scenarios portrayed by CheikOumarSissoko in La Genèse– his contextualization of the Biblical story in Africa. The article is available for download on www.academia.edu.

Dr. Paasche is on the Editorial Board of AJOTE (African Journal of Teacher Education) at the University of Guelph, Canada. At present Dr. Paasche is working on several projects in the area of African Literature and of pre- and post-WWI History in Eastern Africa.

I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform – John Dewey, 1897

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